Sunday, April 4, 2010


friday i tried to drive home in silence. it was kinda hard. i normally don't like to drive in complete silence. but it was nice. i had my thoughts to myself. i had some time to spend alone with my Jesus. talking to Him about what friday meant. good friday.

thursday i spent a whole lot of time awake. a whole lot of time in the creation of my Father. Mk and i went to chewacla. it was so amazing. what wonder and what beauty i encountered. kinda felt like a hippie, but i am a junkie for creation. for the other things that God has given us to enjoy. the things that we cannot make. the things that we cannot create. just God.

i am listening to a sermon by matt chandler who is that pastor at the village church in houston tx. it is called sanctification in marriage. it's reall beautiful. although i am not neccessarily in the exact place for marriage, this sermon is really good to hear. i would recommend it to anyone. single, or married. listen to it and learn something.

easter weekend was very productive. and a very good time with the family. today i have been studying biology... no fun. but i have decided that having a negative attitude isn't going to make it go away. simple, yet hard to remember. but i have been really pumped up about the gospel lately. sure, i am always happy and excited about Jesus, but easter just really pumped me up this year.

the roommates went to town creek park thursday night to pray and prepare our hearts for easter weekend. it was really neat to be alone and soak up the Spirit and converse with Jesus. as we left the car was silent, and i just bursted out. i was consumed with the fact that Christ had conquered death. we always talk about how Jesus died on the cross, paid His life for ours... however i find that we sometimes forget that He defeated death. He also took not just my sin, which is HUGE mind you, but the sin of humanity. sin from the past, from today, and from the future. all of it.

all of it.

on His shoulders.

then He took and made it as though we had never done a thing. imagine the pain. imagine how heavy that burden was. all that sin. and then... He conquered death. He looked satan in the face and said to back off. He claimed us as H I S O W N! His very own!! gosh if that doesn't pump you up something is wrong.

lastly... attempting more artistic photos.... you can address them how you will. until next time...

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