Friday, April 9, 2010



two posts in one day....

well actually it is technically the next day but i mean who's counting? that's right... no one [because i think three people still read my blog]

just wanted to pop back on here really fast because tonight, i annoyed myself. i did not think it could happen but i did it. i achieved the seemingly impossible.

do you ever sit there after you've done/ said something and thought to yourself "congrats self: you have officially become retarded" (pardon the lack for better word choice).

so, seeing that it is too late for anyone in their right mind to be awake, you in blogger land get to hear my frustration with... myself. i am an annoying person. i think i drive away the people i don't want to. sometimes i wish i had no emotions. i am a generally laid back and easy going "free spirit", if you will. however, tonight, in a slight out of my mind moment decided it would be best to have "honest time". mistake #1. then i said too much... i think you call that rambling? yea that was mistake #2.

and now i am annoyed. with myself. which, ironically, is annoying.

further more i cannot sleep.

oh well. so is life. not to worry, i will be back to my normal not caring self in about 6 hours. when i wake up. goodnight!


nally890 said...

I read your bog when I remember to. =) that makes 4.
I have to say, I totally know what you mean about being annoyed at yourself... Than getting annoyed at yourself for being annoyed etc.

nally890 said...
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Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean. I love you my sweet Morgan!!! Mom

Anonymous said...

You are not Annoying. You are Awesome !!
I know you are a sophomore, almost junior in college, but I still miss seeing you every day. I love you Morgan,