Saturday, April 17, 2010

i believe in auburn.

tonight we went to samford lawn to drink my frosty. i had had an auburn filled day including the A day game, traffic, parking issues, and niffer's. it was a hot day. terribly hot. but none the less semi-enjoyable. mainly because emily and hunter came and went to the game with me. [it made me very excited for football season. honestly, never been more excited. i have missed it]

after a two hour nap and the end of remember the titans, i decided to venture to wendy's for a frosty. sara wanted sugar cookies from walmart. and tmac wanted cheesecake, but settled for gobstoppers and a sprite.

i have this nikon and so i decided i wanted to put it to use. hence the pictures above. just shows how beautiful auburn really is. sitting on the lawn listening to the laughter of other lawn-goers, band parties in the distance, sara munching on her smart pop. seeing people racing to take the coveted picture in front of the auburn university sign, auburn t-shirts, "war eagle"s said in passing. gosh. can it get any better?

auburn is a blessing. God has given me such a marvelous opportunity to go to school here.

i believe in auburn and LOVE it.