Tuesday, April 27, 2010



you know i do not really love mainstream music. the music that everyone always listens to. but tonight i had the iPod on shuffle as i was studying and coldplay came on. i do enjoy them a lot. i forgot about them a little.

today was uncharacteristically chilly. but it was still beautiful out. wore jeans for the first time in a long time. and i hate jeans. oh my watch tan is getting good. seriously i might even post a picture of it or something. soon i will have to just stop wearing it when i go out in the sun. it could get ridiculous.

i am proud to say that i have seen my fair share of weird and altogether unnecessary things on auburn's campus. i mean lots of weird things. but monday i can say that i saw the strangest thing by far. i was minding my own business on the walk from my dorm across the street to the student act when i began to hear this strange clanging noise coming from up ahead. did not really phase me because there is construction and other sorts of things going on a lot of the time around the dorm. but i proceeded further a few steps when the noise was closer and did not seem logical for the given area. when i looked up i saw a very petite girl wearing a bright blue and gold belly dancing outfit.

did you catch that?

belly dancing outfit.

yes. it was blue and gold. it had tassels. it had little gold metal fringe that made lots of noise in the harsh winds. it was so strange. i definitely starred at the girl and i am sure my facial expression was not very pleasant, but i mean let's be real, it was weird.


i have to apologize to my three readers for not writing in the last couple of days. i have been a little busy and not as inspired as i would have liked. but none the less, here i am. i know you have missed me:)

everyday the Lord shows me something new about myself. and what he wants to do in my life. and he has shown me today that i love spending time in his word. Its addicting. and i love and get so much out of it. He is restoring my joy in his presence and in his words. they come back to me quicker now, and stronger. there is something so powerful about spending quality time with Him, alone, in solitude. it's a conversation and he shows you new things when you do.

dgroup was awesome tonight. really it was so encouraging. my girls have such a heart after God. they want to share Him with their classmates and show Him to people they don't know. it's almost like they are my children and i feel so proud that they are taking such huge initiative to do such radical things for Jesus' name. it was good.

well. sleep is calling me.

until tomorrow.

OHH and today i was bored and looked up pictures of "sunshine" on google (i know i have no life) and this came up.....

i love this movie. it is seriously funny. and ironic.

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