Thursday, April 8, 2010

grape and banana.

i really like the jokes on the laffy taffy. it's the only reason i get it. they make me so excited. and i genuinely laugh at most of them.

//lets just be real//

since we are being real, i hate mtv. just saying.

also, since we're being real, i have been pumped about what the Lord is doing in my life. pumped about what the Lord is doing in other people's lives. just excited about the Lord in general. i am trying to live with the cross centered in my mind. as in always remembering in every circumstance that the Lord is on my side, that He loves me, and that He is amazing.

my uncle had heart surgery on tuesday morning and is doing well. praise the Lord!! we went to his home on monday night in atlanta to pray over him and offer encouragement to my aunt and their children. i was reminded that God is the greatest physician. that He is the HEALER. that we do not need medicine. we prayed and asked the Lord that He would show off in my uncle's surgery. we prayed healing on his body, through supernatural or through His hand moving in the doctors. it was a beautiful thing having the family come together and pray over him.

the Lord is good. the sickness in my uncle's heart was not of the Lord, for it was not good. we rebuked that illness and the Lord blessed our prayers. our Father is a good Father, He is a good dad. He takes care of His children. and He kept His hands wrapped around my uncle. i am so thankful for such a good God.


i'm trying to write songs again. prayerfully attempting to put the thoughts of my heart onto paper. it is intimidating and slightly unnerving to allow my heart to be so vulnerable. however, i am confident that there are situations that i go through, that others do as well. this being said, i know the matters that weigh on my heart, weigh on others. and because of that, the words that spill from my heart may touch other's hearts as well. i am attempting. the process will be slow. hopefully promising.

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