Thursday, April 22, 2010


i am not too inspired today. but i have not been able to sleep lately so i am awake. and blogging.

today i went to the arboretum (sp?) and drank my smoothie from smoothie king with one of my precious dgroup girls. we were sitting there in this beautiful shaded area and we were just chatting about life and what is going on in junior high school. and i felt like a big sister. or someone important in her life because she wanted to hang out with me. i do not consider myself to be someone interesting or worthy of such a special time, but it just made my week.

my little brother even texted me today. i have the greatest little brother in the world. he is 15 and he is so much bigger than me. like so much. i remember when he was a little thing all blonde and chubby in the face. he would say "babatized" and "meange" instead of baptized and mean. then one summer i came home from choir tour and he was old. he has a deep voice, slender, grown up face and like girls are obsessed with him. i miss my bubba. whenever i go home we always spend quality time together. this summer will be sad without him there. his text seriously made my day...

i am really excited about church on sunday. this weeks music is going to be amazing. we're doing a lot of passion stuff, but it is going to be awesome. it really pumps me up when such an awesome group of musicians get together to worship the Lord in a powerful way as we do together.


i am so ready. the Lord is preparing my thirsty heart for something great. He is calling me to something different than what i think i am ready for. i am having faith. pressing on.

tonight i went running with a friend and she has seriously long legs. i was having to double time. but it was great. we ran about three i believe. i am trying to get back into shape so i can start training again...

but we were running and talking and something came to mind. i am not a fan of inconsistency. i want to be consistent. always there like i say i am. not let situations stand in between me and my dearest friends. i want to be steady and firm. not easily swayed. consistent. i guess right now i am reminded that i need to always be working toward peace between me and my sisters and brothers in Christ. the Bible tells us that in every circumstance, and with EVERY effort, we should live in peace with others. because it shows love.

i guess that is why i apologize so much. i guess that is why i cannot stand when someone is upset with me, or not on good terms. it makes me sad. truly sad. i understand when people are frustrated with me or annoyed, that is understandable. but if i have done something, it makes me feel awful. oh i know this happens to everyone. but i think it is important to talk about it. just something we discussed tonight.


i know this is a boring blog post. and i am lacking on pictures. so, sorry. but i do love phil wickham's voice. it is beautiful. and i like his music. in general.

hope you enjoyed my awesome blog. tomorrow will probably be more inspired.

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Anonymous said...

You are special and loved. I'm proud to be your Mom- even more proud to be your friend! I Love you!