Thursday, April 29, 2010


twenty years ago today frances was born. we began our day of celebrating fran's life by making signs and putting them in her room. i hung a banner. it was cute; just like fran. we decided to celebrate further by a lunch date at the village. so exciting. no doubt.

tonight some sweet friends met at logans steakhouse to eat to continue celebrating her birth. i had my two wings practice and could not attend unfortunately. however, mrs. amy made the most amazing red velvet cupcakes i have ever had. honestly, the best. i ate three. oh mistake.

we realized i am a cake person. more the icing than even the cake. i love ice cream too though. i could eat buckets of it. you could say that birthday parties are my favorite. give me cake and ice cream and i will be a happy camper.


i am having a weird day today. just kinda busy and weird. i am realizing that my sophomore year is over. i am half way completed with my college career ((hopefully)). i have loved so much of this year. so many things have happened. i have done a lot of things and been some places. the Lord has shown me so much this year. He has shown me how to love, a glimpse of what i am supposed to be.

i've been very contemplative the last two days. i guess nostalgic would be the best word. i am going to miss the stuff of this year. my roommates. the funny stories. the weird experiences. but i am also looking forward to what the Lord is bringing me. this summer is going to be a growing experience.

there is alot on my heart. i am kinda uninspiring today.

if i had anything to say tonight it would be that you honestly do not know what tomorrow will bring. therefore, there is no excuse not to live totally sold out to the Lord. He is the ONLY thing that is consistent in our lives. He is the ONLY one who will never fail you; never quit you; never leave you. He is the ONLY one who will hold you when you have been nasty, ugly, rude, and hated Him. my God is so powerful. so intoxicating. so remarkable. we have NO excuse but to love. and live a life of Love for Him.

the end.

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