Tuesday, April 13, 2010

madi mapes.

i have this friend. he gave me this burned CD. this CD has been played non stop on my iPod, computer, and inside my car since it was given to me. it consists of my new favorite female artist. her name is madi mapes. she sings at church of brook hills in birmingham. slay really liked her and introduced me. so props to slay.

one of my favorite things is new music.

i have a watch tan. and i am seemingly more and more proud of it every single day. because it gets better with more sun, and proves that i am able to tan, contrary to popular belief (see formal pictures). but i did change arms that i wear my watch on, just for today. it feels awkward.

i think that the Lord is really teaching me to be more positive. i cannot stand negativity, and i think because of that, i have realized more when i am negative. i am trying to be completely optimistic and positive in every situation handed to me. it honestly will make you happier. it's real joy.

remember how i said i was writing songs again. well i have never had someone be about to write music with my words. it is one of the most intriguing experiences ever. it is like your heart has a voice, and a pretty one at that. your heart beats have a tempo, your aches have harmony, and your joys have fluidity. it makes you feel beautiful.

anyways. mom and dad are coming up to eat dinner tomorrow night. and i think mom is going to cut my hair. thankfully. i think it is time for it to be a little shorter. and i think i will like it a tad shorter.

well i am sleepy. off to dream land (no, not the bbq joint).

" you are the clay and i am the potter. you are carrying my fingerprints" - God

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