Monday, April 19, 2010

war eagle captain kirk.

tonight i had the marvelous opportunity to walk where greatness walks. to lie in the grass that so many faithful and strong men have fought. i could feel the sweat, the excitement, and the nerves, as i stepped into the glorious arena. chills ran over my body as i gazed across the playing field. so this is what it feels like. this is where legends are born. oh jordan-hare. how beautiful you are.
i watched star trek in the stadium tonight. it was freezing. my thin pale blue blanket did not do too much for me on the damp, cold grass. it was a beautiful evening and the movie wasn't half bad. i had the wonderful company of close friends (who should have been closer because body heat helps in times of possible frost bite). altogether, an a plus night.

i will confess. i cried in the movie. not like sobs or big tears by any means, but a slight leak from the eyes. the first five minutes of the movie are terrible. just fyi. i also had the quote of the night. apparently i am funny? because at the end of the movie, there was a great scene and captain kirk was just preciously being awarded a metal and i shouted "WAR EAGLE CAPTAIN KIRK" and i guess my friend travis thought that was funny. because he laughed at me.


two things that bother me. excessive PDA and being late. i have seen more PDA in the village dining area this semester than is necessary by any stretch of the imagination. and i cannot stand being late to things. however, i am notoriously late for band practice and no matter how early i leave i always end up being a minute late. it's frustrating. just thought i would share....


also, sunday afternoon a group of girls went to sips and strokes to paint. the abstract art that i ended up with will be featured as a main piece on display in the apartment next year. get excited. it's pretty terrible. nonetheless, the adventure was very fun and well worth the $25. if you have never been, you should go.

today i spent about an hour just reading the word. i wanted to find something i had never read before. something all new about my God that would just reinvent my attitude and spirit. i was reading in habakkuk and then i moved to 1 peter and then back to isaiah and ezekiel. but the Lord showed me something in isaiah chapter 40. it says...

the lord your god is an everlasting god, the creator the the ends of the earth
he does not faint or grow weary; his understanding is
u n s e a r c h a b l e.
he gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength.

i just really enjoyed that scripture. it was exactly what i needed to hear from my Father today. he is leading me to make a change in my everyday life. stepping away and fully focusing on him and what his will for me is. it's going to be hard but i know that he has something great planned for me. i am choosing positivity. choosing to accept the gift.

and sorry scott... no clip art tonight:)

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