Thursday, April 1, 2010


well i am excited today. i have been awake since 6 this morning and am just full of joy. seriously, i cannot remember waking up, ever, at 6 am and being so darn happy. it's a quarter after ten and i am not really sleepy. so yay. God just surprised me this morning with a little glimpse of His glory. thats is the best way to start a day. in his g l o r y

yesterday, whilst taking a study break, sara and i went to a tennis match for a girl in my D-group. so cute. she was great. and i took some pics. enjoy!

i am really pumped about today. mk and i are going to chewacla and are going to play. i can not explain how long i have been waiting for the sun to come out and stay out long enough to play with my camera. i have the zoom lens on today and that is what i took jordan's tennis pics with.

i have stories to share... insights to indulge you with... nuggets of goodness to share. but today the one thing i want you to know as you read this is that no matter where you are in your life, not matter what is happening in your life, no matter what is bringing you down- God is BIGGER. he is STRONGER. he is HIGHER than anything else. have faith in him, he IS going to bring you through.

and if our God is for us then who could EVER stop us?

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