Thursday, May 6, 2010

taylor's bakery.

today i finished my third exam at around 9. thankfully kristi drove to the exam this morning. i have been awake since about 6 this morning. all this is taking a tole on my body. so many hours this week have been spent studying. honesty, and i guess we say this every semester, i think this is the hardest it's ever been.
on the upside i am finished with human odyssey for ever. i am done with sciences for ever. that is a definite upside.

i am sitting downtown in taylor's bakery. it's a really cute place. right up my ally. sara and i want to open a coffee shop someday. maybe when we're old and retired we'll open one. maybe like cafe louisa in old cloverdale. i would love to do that.

i am sitting at the window right now and i have thoroughly enjoyed not having to study right now and just watch people walking. i was looking out the window and there is a pink elephant sticker on the back of a sign out front.

so i have been working on the project for our apartment next year. it's a book full of pictures i took this year and quotes//funny stories that happened this semester. i am thankful that we have frances in our lives now, because that adds to the laughter and dramatic situations that arise everyday. it's going to be a nice little addition to the apartment. on doubt.

so it's thursday and this week has taken way too long to get where we are. but i have the wants today. and here we go...

1. Eno. i want one of these so bad. like so bad. it will be my next big purchase.

2. these TOMs.

3. yeah... i wont get this... yet

4. i can get this.... i want it badly (big hint mom)

well that is my want list.

travis just came into taylor's!

and did i mention that i can samford from my seat. i love auburn.

and i want to apologize for the poor quality of this blog. i am sure that i will blog again either tonight or tomorrow. happy studying to all!

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