Friday, May 14, 2010

awful waffle

i am posting twice in one day. like i said i would [see taylor:)]. but it is going to be short.

the reason i am posting so late is because tonight i went to waffle house with patrick, travis, shelly, and dustin. it was so fun. i did not eat bu
t enjoyed the company and laughter.

i also went to the eastwood spring musical. so phenomenal. truly, it is spectacular. if you live in the gump and you are reading this, you must go see it. tomorrow night at 6 at taylor road baptist church. it's free. and it is amazing.

i took 350 some-odd pictures tonight. ruth (the director) asked me to. it was amazing. but i did not have enough time to up load and edit all the pictures so you will see them later.

but here is the photo of today.


well i am going to go slip into my coma. i am exhausted.


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