Friday, May 28, 2010


i have been successful at neglecting my blog this week. this is inexcusable and i am terribly sorry. i apologized in my last post, but this time i will not let this happen again. now my eager readers can have their meaning for living back. i know it has been rough without me. but never fear. i am still present.

it has been an enjoyable week of school. it is true, summer in auburn is laid back. my two classes are going to be interesting. gosh my world lit teacher, prof. h, is hilarious. honestly one of the craziest women i have ever come into contact with.

prof h walked into the class the first day and exploded into questions. she beckoned to us as her "lovers of learning". she called the females the ladies of grace and virtue and the males she called her chivalric gentlemen. her teaching style is extreme engagement. we are involved in every aspect of the class. i suffer from a sleeping disorder, and i have not come close to being sleepy yet. it is going to be a great class. it's actually pretty interesting.

living in the 36 house has been great. camilla and i have had some very real bonding around the table and the pool. it has been nice to live in a house instead of a tiny dorm. my favorite part is when i can sit on the swing in the front yard and watch the sun set. it is incredibly beautiful and the smells are great. summer trees that bloom, people riding bikes, kids running in the park sprinklers. love it. i want to be a kid again
with kool-aide stain on my mouth, dirty feet and a bathing suit with a bow in my hair.

i have also been slacking with the pictures. gosh i do not know what has gotten into me. i have been busy and trying to stay busy in auburn. i joined this website called and it is extremely helpful. if you are a runner or you are aspiring to become a runner, this will help you. it maps out routes for you and can tell you how far you've run. i had heard about it, but thanks to travis, i finally did it.

well this is a lame blog post. i have a couple great pictures to make up for my lack of this past week.

last weekend hunter graduated. and after graduation there was a great band at the reception. i caught them dancing. and their one year is tomorrow. so happy anniversary to them!

these are the cupcakes mom and i made for emily's birthday. she LOVES sunflowers. so we made these!!

well i have had a busy day. tomorrow mom and i are making lunch for the family to celebrate dad's birthday. he is getting old. expect better pictures.

oh read romans 8 tonight. it is powerful.

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