Sunday, May 9, 2010

[insert clever title here]

i am sick of using my intellect. currently i am studying for my last exam. and by currently i mean i am obviously breaking the studying by writing this post. in light of that, i have no brain power to come up with a title for this post, so my apologies for a lack of unsightliness on my part.

today is mothers' day. a day we set aside for out mom's and celebrate who they are and everything that they have done for us. i wanted to give my mom a special shout out especially since i am not able to be home for it today.

i have the greatest mom. every kid says that, but i'd put my mom put against anyone's. she is the most selfless person i have ever known. she gives and gives of herself for other people. she teaches kindergarten, which is a triumph in of itself, and then comes home to take care of the family. she cooks like no other, she sews, she is my hairdresser, she is my confidant, and the one person i know will actually tell me what i need to hear. i am the person i am today because of my parents. but i am growing into a woman of Christ because of the example set by my mom (who has a great mom not to mention).

my mom and i have has countless conversations about religion, theology, doctrine... you name it. she is brilliant, but so humble. she has spurred me on to want to know the Lord deeper, and more intimate, as she does. yet she knows when she fails, she can tell me. and she asks me to forgive her. she is an awesome woman. she talks to me about anything and everything. she listens. she is my best friend. sure she can be silly and goofy, and sometimes just plain ole crazy. but i would never want anything more or less. she is truly a gift to me and my family.

so mom. here's to you. may i one day lead on your legacy and teach my children the way you have taught us. may i live up to your example, as you live up to Christ's. you are the best mom i could even imagine being blessed with. i L O V E you.

i have to now get back to studying. expect another post in the very near future. as in probably tonight.

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Melissa O in DC said...

You do have a wonderful Mom. She's been one of my dearest friends all of my life. I actually can't remember meeting her because we were so young but she says she does remember meeting me. We were, like 4, I think.

This is a beautiful tribute to her. I am sitting here with big tears rolling down my face because I am so blessed. Always let your heart be this tender, sweet girl. It's a beautiful thing to behold.