Monday, May 10, 2010

10 day summer...

today starts the first day of my summer. all ten days of it. on the 20th i begin classes back at auburn. i am looking forward to maybe making some new friends, or hanging out with some old ones. but it is summer time which means...


i cannot wait to be on the sand and smell that sunscreen. i am ready to be tan. i am ready for my hair to lighten up. i want to be a little roasted. honestly.


i packed up the dorm today and cleaned everything. it was pretty sad i am not going to lie. even though i am so glad to finally be out of the dorm life, it was sad to pack up all that stuff. but i managed to stuff my car to the brim all by myself. i think i took the elevator up and down about ten or twelve times. no joke.

it was tough, but i did it! had to have a friend come and get my tv and fan and mirror and a box. i would have had to make two trips or something home if i did not. thank goodness for friends.

also, i am so thankful finals are over! although i am not very proud of my gpa this semester, i am glad that i am just finished. this summer will help to boost my gpa some, but i am notp pleased with my efforts this semester. i will try harder and do better...


tomorrow mom and i are taking a road trip to huntsville and florence! we are going to see new baby eloise bethea and going to watch dad's varsity golf team play in the state tournament. it should be a good time with mom and nice little trip. i love random road trips, and you can imagine a change of scenery will do me good. as will sunlight...

i swear, my vitamin d is ultra low.

and i am so excited to see the baby. it will be so fun to hold her. she was born saturday morning at around 5, and is 9 lbs and 20 inches long! you probably already know, but i am going to take my baby (nikon that is) with us on our journey. it will be documented well.


as i have stated previously in this blog, i am taking the summer to dedicate myself to becoming more like the woman Christ has pictured for me. although we do this ( or at least try) everyday, there are those certain aspects in my life that God is going to break me of. i truly want to seek the Lord's purpose in my life. and live it out.

i will have lots of alone time, and i am looking forward to it in many ways. i am going to try and blog about my journey this summer a little more religiously than i have lately. and i am going to try to take more adventures. i already have one in mind... actually i think i have two in mind. one involving the fire tower. because it hasn't happened this year yet:)


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