Tuesday, May 11, 2010

road trip

mom and i went on a long journey today. we started off at about 8 this morning and drove about three and a half hours to florence alabama to my cousin chris and his sweet wife laura's home. they just welcomed eloise sims bethea into the world on saturday morning. i was so anxious to see her beautiful little face.in addition, we were going to watch dad's golf team play in that state tournament. overall, we spent about 8 hours in the car today. mom and i had a lot of fun visiting with each other, and as always, had great conversation. i really enjoyed seeing dad's golf team play. i have been to two tournaments this year and they have improved greatly from the first one.

not to mention the fact that the course was positively beautiful. i feel in love and mom and i both wanted to move there. it was perfect weather. slight breeze, fluffy clouds, and not very hot. it was honestly perfect. great day for golf.

they did not finish as well as they would have liked, but they played well. they are a young team (mostly 7th and 8th graders) and still have some growing to do. dad's previous team at ma won and had the winner and first runner up for individual play. it was good for dad. he still feels like they are a part of his team. which in a way they are.

but i took some pictures so enjoy:)

i am kinda frustrated because blogger is taking forever to upload pictures. so i am just posting them on facebook. but these four are alright.

but i am going to sleep. my room looks like a bomb went off in here and tomorrow i am going to try to wake up early to do that. but we will see... i was supposed to sleep before 11 tonight... but i got preoccupied with the pictures. go figure.

well goodnight. until tomorrow...

"this is my desire. this is my return. this is my desire. to be used by You."

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