Friday, May 14, 2010


the group met tonight after the play at extapa and it was great to see everyone and remember the old days of high school.

the king and i was fantastic. two nights in a row i enjoyed it both times. ruth and david did exceedingly well casting the roles of the play. i loved it. and i even choked up a couple times. it was incredible. truly.

you can expect pictures sometime this weekend. i took over six hundred pictures the last two nights. so i have some editing and such to go through. i am excited about getting them to the people. they deserve it.

i got some bad news a little while ago. one of my dearest friends had a family member pass away very unexpectedly. it broke my heart. i remember what it feels like to loose someone you are so close and connected to. my heart goes out to their family. and i am reminded of the peace that our Father provides. i could not imagine facing such a massive trial in my life with out the comfort from our Lord. my thoughts go out to you tonight. my heart is with you when i am not.

so here is picture three. . .

i am off to sleep. good night all.

remember that the Lord is the great comforter. His love conquers all. His love never fails. He is bigger than our failures and larger than our accomplishments. God is love. He is peace. He is joy.

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