Thursday, May 13, 2010

pleasantly roasted.

i was in too late last night to post anything. so i am making up for it now. and i will post again tonight most likely (yes taylor i will).
yesterday i woke up early and cleaned the house some for mom while she was at school. these last two weeks have been a little crazy around here. the school musical is going on and mom always helps with hair and makeup. she has been working really hard. so any help i can offer is beneficial.

i also went poolside for a couple hours yesterday. it was marvelous. hot, but still perfect. i got some sun no doubt. i went to church at fbc last night to lead worship with jeff and others. and as i walked into the office to see stuart, he exclaimed "wow. you're burned." haha in response i told him i was pleasantly roasted. apparently that was funny. the famous watch tan is almost gone. so i was proud to gain it, and now even more proud to loose it.

after church i took stead to get a milkshake from chick-fil-a and we got there and it was closed. go figure. so we settled for mcdonald's. he is growing like a weed. every time i come home he looks older and is thicker and more muscular. the kid eats his own weight in food daily. and then some. but he is growing up into a young man. he is such a fantastic brother and i am looking forward to seeing him grow in wisdom and in the light of Christ.

last night i hung out with an old friend, and wonderful friend, and some new ones. the apartment was colorful no doubt. and not to mention musical.


there is this boy in auburn who is a photographer and is still in highschool. he is one of the greatest photographers i have seen. you can find him on facebook. he calls his photography fine line photography. look at his 365 project. he is doing a picture a day for the year 2010. it is really neat and a great way for him to build his portfolio. i am thinking about doing the same thing for the summer. so here is a picture for day one.

i was laying by the pool and the sky was incredible so i grabbed my camera and look a couple. this was my favorite.

until later...

"we’ll sing the news of all Your grace
help the broken-hearted praise
You’ll put
Your glory on display
King of Heaven"

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