Saturday, May 29, 2010

48 years.

my dad has been alive for 48 years today. that is a really long time. but you would not think he is a day over 40. he is such a great man.

today i want to dedicate this post to him. just because it is his day of birth.

my dad and i are so much alike. we are very close. not like your normal father and daughter combo. we talk about everything. we enjoy doing many things together and i could not be blessed any further than to have this man as my father.

he is such a fantastic husband to my mom. he is a marvelous example of the kind of man i want to spend my life with. my dad is a coach. not only to his students, but to his children. he encourages me in countless ways. honestly, i could not ask for a better encourager than my dad.

he has touched so many people's lives. coach bethea is the greatest. if you play a sport, you want to play for him. he may be strict and have some rules, but he is building warriors for Christ and young people who are living their lives pleasing to the Lord.

so happy birthday dad! you are amazing.

dad and his girls.

but tomorrow is looking like some rain. i am praying that the Lord holds off the rain until tomorrow night. i need sun and the pool. badly.

but i sleepy.

alas i leave you now. goodnight blog world. until tomorrow. . .

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Anonymous said...

You describe your Dad well. He is a wonderful man and we are so blessed to have him in our lives. Love you sweet girl! Mom